ORLANDO, Fla. — In a deposition that was unsealed by a Florida judge and released Wednesday, Jeff Danziger, the psychiatrist of Casey Anthony, said Anthony became pregnant with her daughter, Caylee, after passing out at a party when she was 18 years old, according to The Associated Press.

“Two beers, possibly given another drug. Woke up passed out,” said Danziger, reading from his notes that he took during an interview with Anthony in November 2010.

The 25-year-old who was acquitted last July for the killing of 2-year-old Caylee, was interviewed five times over two years, but never testified at her own murder trial. According to the depositions, the doctor said tests gave no indication that Anthony was mentally ill as she faced trial.

Danziger also noted in the deposition that Anthony showed normal results on a psychological test, and how he was surprised she was being calm and cooperative under the circumstances during her time at the Orange County Jail.

Anthony is currently serving a year of probation at an undisclosed location in Florida on a check fraud charge.

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