A new thinner and more sensitive glass has been invented by the makers of Gorilla Glass, who supply the glass on touch screen gadgets like iPhones and iPads, according to CNN.

The new glass is lighter and more responsive to the touch, yet still tough and resistant to scratching according to the company that produces it, Corning Inc.  Since it is thinner, it also lets in more light and creates a brighter display screen.

The company debuted the glass on Monday at a gadget-showcase at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

“It’s not scratch-proof. And if they drop it on granite, it can be broken,” said Corning general manager Clifford Hund according to CNN.

Hund added that the glass is 20% thinner but still retains the same properties as the old glass.

Gorilla Glass 2 will debut in Windows-based PC products later this year, and other manufacturers are looking into using the product.

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