OAKLAND, Calif. — Occupy Oakland protesters determinedly tried to enter City Hall on Thursday in an attempt to take over the mayor’s and city administrator’s offices; the intrusion follows the arrests of a dozen protesters Wednesday night. Their attempts to bang on the doors and chants to “Shut down City Hall!” were met with demands from officials inside to “calm down” if they wished their requests to be heard.

A dozen protesters were arrested late Wednesday night at Frank Ogawa Plaza in relation with the continued Occupy Oakland efforts. Just before 11:30 p.m. an alert message informed the protesters of the incoming police presence; “60 cops in riot gear just swooped through the plaza and made indiscriminate arrests,” the message read. The arrests were made due to the revoking of the permit allowing protesters to set up a tepee, which the demonstrators allegedly violated by disregarding the permit’s designated ‘tepee’ hours, storing personal belongings, and distributing food without health permits. An online live stream close to midnight on Wednesday showed another group of protesters deciding to march to a nearby jail in solidarity with previously arrested demonstrators. Protesters have not yet gained access to City Hall.

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