SAN FRANCISCO — The cause of a three-alarm fire on Masonic Ave. in San Francisco is still unknown as police continue to investigate.

NBC Bay Area reports that police are treating the fire as a crime scene until they determine the fire’s cause, as the initial emergency call reporting the blaze was made by a screaming woman.

The fire began on January 1 at 8:10 P.M. and put out at about 9:05 P.M. at 1358-1359 Masonic Ave., according to the San Francisco Examiner. The fire displaced ten residents as it damaged three buildings, according to CBS San Francisco. According to Police Sergeant Daryl Fong, one resident was injured and was transported to the Davies Medical Center with unspecified injuries, along with one victim who was treated with shortness of breath.

According to KTVU, residents around Masonic Ave. say that the building occupied by the landlord on the ground floor and two couples, who live on the second and third floors respectively. Individuals who were displaced due to the blaze are staying at the Police Park Station or at a nearby residence, Sergeant Fong states.

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