HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — William Knowles, 59, not only used his crutches for walking, but also for protection early Monday morning in Hollywood.

Two women walked up to Knowles pretending to be interested in his fractured shin when suddenly one of the women restrained him as the other tried to reach for his wallet. Knowles told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel “I spun around and pinned one up against the wall, then the other girl tried to hit me and I swung at her with my crutch…I hit them a couple times with my crutches.”

Veronica Lane, 21, and Amber McKay, 22, approached Knowles around 9am that morning and according to the police affidavit, one of them was wearing only a bikini.

Both women are currently in custody and charged with robbery. Lane is being held on a $7,500 bond while McKay is being held without bond due to a probation violation.

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