NEW YORK — As the turmoil of the economy persists, hospitals throughout the nation are struggling to balance out care, costs and staff. The result has been

Fox News interviewed California nurse Leslie Silket during the nurse strike on Thursday, as she explained the main reason for the picketing was to “fight back corporate greed.” She continued, “We are fighting for our patients. We are fighting for our contract.” With similar motivation and working with out a contract for almost a year, the nursing staff at St. Luke’s- Roosevelt Hospital has decided to conduct a walkout strike in response to undesirable conditions imposed by their own management.

With negotiations lasting until early yesterday morning with no settlement in sight, over 1,000 nurses gave a 10-day advanced warning to hospital regarding their planned strike on January 3rd.  According to the NY Times, nursing staff and employees are now expected to pay a percentage of their health insurance premiums, once 100% covered by the hospital. With the new model, nurses will essentially be paying more for reduced benefits. From coast to coast nurses are pleading for balanced management-staff settlements in hopes of better patient care, health coverage and staffing. If no settlement is reached between management and staff on these national issues within the days leading up to the strike, then NYC nurses are prepared to act.

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