Sony’s PS Vita launched in Japan this past weekend, and while they sold over 300,000 of the handheld over two days – not all is well. Users have reported countless issues with the system’s touch screen along with crashes and unresponsive features.

Of course, technical issues with new consoles are not a new feature, but the sheer amount of posts regarding defective Vita units to social networking sites like Twitter and YouTube has prompted Sony to post a statement on the official PlayStation blog.

“Currently, our information centre regarding PlayStation Vita as well as our usual customer service centre are receiving many enquiries. We apologies if your phone isn’t connected straight away,” it said.

Sony has also issued a mandatory firmware update that the publisher says should fix a number of the console’s issues.

“Some issues regarding PlayStation Vita can be addressed by simple procedures at home,” it added, linking to a series of frequently asked questions.

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