Long before the phrase “social media” infiltrated the minds of the masses there was public radio and Boston’s underground station, WBCN, was at the forefront of bringing revolution to the people. Much like the grassroots efforts of today’s Occupy Wall Street, WBCN broadcasted the rock music of a generation and reflected on the political and social changed taking place between 1968 and 1974.

In 1970, Bill Lichtenstein was 14 years old and the youngest DJ in WBCN’s history. All grown up, he is now a documentary filmmaker and determined to raise enough funds to put together an archive and film about the brief yet volatile history of WBCN.

“WBCN and other free-form radio stations across the country gave a voice to young people like me who were demanding change from our leaders,” Lichtenstein said. “It is the perfect time to go back and capture the days when rock and roll radio and the underground media changed the world.”

Already more than 50,000 pieces of WBCN memorabilia have been donated to the project to be added to the film archive and enthusiasm is growing. More and more creative projects today are being funded by Kickstarter.com and The American Revolution is among them. Perhaps the most widely discussed Kickstarter campaign so far, the fundraising has brought together a community of artists and broadcasters that haven’t been together since the 1970s.

But the adults aren’t the only ones having fun. Tiffany Lopinsky, a local high school student working on the film said, “To me the film is about educating people about the generation of the 1960s. Back then they had their own kind of social change through media. We’re having our own…now. You can see the parallels and learn from them.”

In Fall 2012 The American Revolution film and WBCN Nation will be having a release party at the infamous Paradise Rock Club with rock and media stars coming out en masse. With four days left a call to arms has been sent out so donate, purchase tickets, and occupy the revolution!

More information at: kickstartWBCN.com and theamericanrevolution.fm

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