OAK BEACH, N.Y. —  Police investigators of Suffolk County announced last Tuesday that they have likely found the remains of missing 24-year old prostitute, Shannan Gilbert at 9:15 a.m. Gilbert has been missing since last May. Investigators found the body in a dense thicket close to where Gilbert disappeared. The body is thought to be Gilbert’s because searchers found her belongings nearby.

Gilbert disappeared in May 2010 after fleeing a client’s house. Police started finding bodies seven months after her disappearance, most of which were prostitutes. Gilbert’s body was found in the same area on the beach. This coincidence lead to a theory among the investigators that a common serial killer was responsible, but the Suffolk County Police believe otherwise.

According to the New York Daily News, police proposed a scenario where Gilbert stumbled and drowned while escaping the client’s house. “At least three-fourths of a mile on foot through that thick muck and mud, it would be very easy to get exhausted, fall down, and not be able to move further,” said the Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer.

Dormer’s opinion raised skepticism among the other victims’ families. The investigation will continue as a medical examiner will confirm her identity and a reason for her death.

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