Hi Neely,

Love your articles and realistic approach to dating. Thought you might have some good feedback for me. I’m 33 and am looking for a relationship. I finally think I’m ready after being single for the last two years. Before that I was married for four years. The divorce was amicable and I still talk with my ex – there just wasn’t any passion and his meekness became a problem for me. People tell me I’m an Alpha female (I have a high-powered job, am very organized, and I’m a bit anal retentive in certain ways), but I’m not really sure – sometimes I see how they can say that but sometimes I disagree. I really want to be with a strong man, an Alpha male. I’ve dated a couple of guys after my divorce who were just plain boring. I’m tired of being in charge. I want a man who is going to take charge and be in control. Is that too much to ask for? All I seem to be meeting and attracting are guys with more Beta qualities. What do you think? Help!

– Desirous of Alpha male, Boston

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