NEW YORK — Lisa Duggan, Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis at NYU University, whose areas of interest include modern U.S. cultural, social, and political history will be teaching one of the two courses which will be offered to under-grad students next semester at NYU on the Occupy Wall Street movement.

“This course is designed to provide a background for these momentous events,”Duggan told the the Wall Street Journal. “[It] will explore the history and politics of debt and take a deeper look at the economic crisis the movement is protesting.”

The course will be called “Why Occupy Wall Street? The History and Politics of Debt and Finance,” and it will examine economy and culture.

“The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations are catching on across the United states, linking to popular discontent with economic inequality and financial greed and malfeasance around the globe,” says a flyer for the course, as stated in the WSJ.

Guest speakers who participated in the various protests will be brought in to discuss the impact that the movement has caused.

Other universities may soon follow NYU’s lead, the gothamist revealed.

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