Dead Rising 3 isn’t even officially announced yet, but we may have our first details on the game, if a report from website Siliconera is to be believed.

Citing a source close to the game, Siliconera reports that the third installment in the zombie bashing series will star an auto mechanic named Rick (concept art to the right) from Los Perdidos, CA. When the zombie outbreak starts, Rick in unsure of himself, and devises a plan to commandeer an airplane and escape the small town with a group of survivors.

Dead Rising 3 reportedly also continues the tone of the series previous games by mixing in real issues with its humor horror. The game reportedly features a group of infected citizens who refuse to register with the government.

No word from Capcom on the rumors, but with the Video Game Awards tomorrow night, we could be seeing an announcement very soon. Look for the announcement about the eventual spinoff featuring Frank West as well.

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