MIAMI — Kenia Bosque received a $25,000 bond early-Tuesday afternoon after police say she tried to sell her 8-month-old son for $7,000.

Bosque, 30, was arrested Sunday after police say she was going to sell the infant to a more stable home due to financial hardships. She was going to sell the baby to an unnamed acquaintance, but the transaction was interrupted when Monroe County police received a tip on what was going to take place. Police then went to Bosque’s home where they found evidence of the illegal transaction taking place and arrested her.

According to WSVN-Miami, two men are now battling for custody over the child. Bosque’s estranged husband, Osmani Pellegrin has had custody of the infant and he and Bosque’s two other children since Sunday. Yoel Boza, who claims to be the child’s biological Father, has requested a paternity test following a hearing Tuesday afternoon which granted custody to Pellegrin.

Bosque is currently being held at a Miami-Dade County Corrections.

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