On Monday–following months of scrutiny regarding Cablevision’s broadband speeds–the FCC commended the New York-based cable provider in its Measuring Broadband America report for delivering 90 percent of the advertised 15 Mbps.

In the August report, the FCC criticized Cablevision for delivering internet download speeds of only 50 percent what was marketed to customers during peek hours. Verizon and Comcast–two of Cablevision’s main competitors—both were reported to deliver speeds faster than advertised in the August report.

Cablevision is also offering high-speed internet access at a discount price to low-income homes that are the same 15 Mpbs as the standard Optimum Online service. Comcast also has discounted access, but at 1 Mbps.

In a blog post, Joe Gurin, chief of the FCC’s Consumer and Goverrment Affairs stated, “We are pleased to note that the performance of one company—Cablevision—markedly improved from earlier this year.”

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