Kim Kardashian’s estranged husband, Kris Humphries, is now claiming he was her “pawn” in a grand publicity scheme, according to TMZ.  With these new accusations, Humphries is serving Kardashian with annulment papers based on fraud, as opposed to her file for divorce.

“He was just slotted in the plot line of Kim Kardashian’s latest headline and newest business venture,” said a source close to Humphries, according to TMZ.

He is also saying that he is outraged by claims that he knew about the scam.  He claims he would never involve his childhood priest and church in a scam such as this.

Kim fired back by telling her friends that she is “incredulous” over Humphries’ publicity stunt claims, saying that if this were true, she would have done it on a grander scale.

The reality star said she would have made it “way better.”

“I’m no dummy.  The divorce would have been just as dramatic and dragged out as the wedding,” Kardashian said according to TMZ’s reports.

Kardashian cites her and her mother’s marketing genius as the main reason the wedding wasn’t a publicity stunt.  The star said her image has suffered from the affair, and she would never put herself in jeopardy like this.

Now, the battle rages on and only time will tell who will win.

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