Sometimes fate has it’s hand in life, and it certainly has it’s hand in Jennifer Hudson’s life.  Three years ago, the songstress had a stroke of luck when she visited her fiancé, David Otunga.

Hudson recently said she was supposed to be in Chicago with her mother, brother and nephew on the day they were murdered in 2008, according to New York Daily News.  Instead, the singer boarded a plane to Florida to watch her future husband fight in a World Wrestling Entertainment match.

“He wanted me to come out to Florida with him instead of going to Chicago. I flew out to see him; that’s why I’m still here,” Hudson, 30, says in the December/January issue of Ebony, according to the Daily News. “That’s one of the things that saved my life. Because I could have been home with my mum then.”

Hudson has previously kept quiet about the tragic event, and was reportedly surprised she revealed this new detail.

“I’ve never said that before, and I can’t believe I just said that now,” she continued, according to the Daily News. “But I didn’t know. He was just like, ‘I’m going to this wrestling thing, and it’s in Tampa. I’m going out there now, so you can come out there and see me versus going home.’ “

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