Dirty Little SKYN Cosmetics Bags ($25)

You’re about to get lucky: Are you covered? The approach of World AIDS Day on Dec. 1 serves as a reminder that carrying–and, of course, using–condoms can be a life saving decision. Fashion designer Maggie Kervick and LifeStyles condoms want to show you that being protected can be fashionable, too.

Kervick and LifeStyles have teamed up for a line of  vinyl bags made to look like SKYN condom wrappers, part of the “I’m Covered Campaign.” One dollar from each purchase will benefit Answer, a national sex education organization associated with Rutgers University.

“I’m hoping to break down the stereotype that if a guy has a condom he is considered ‘prepared,’ but if a girl has a condom she is considered a ‘tramp,’” says Kervick. “The bag is a great conversational piece that will relay a message to onlookers about the woman carrying the bag–how she is confident, responsible, and protected.  The ‘I’m Covered Campaign’ reinforces the need for self-respect and a proactive approach in regards to protecting oneself from STIs and unwanted pregnancies.”

The bags come in three styles, the Living in SKYN Tote ($55), the Dirty Little SKYN Cosmetics Bags ($25) and the I’m a Slave for SKYN Wristlet ($20). Bonus: Get a free pack of LifeStyles condoms and information on how to use them with each purchase!

To learn more or to buy a bag, go to bagsbymags.com.

Living in SKYN Tote ($55)


I'm a Slave for SKYN Wristlet ($20)

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