Power Balance, the company that would have led you to believe their hologram-embedded bracelets could give you super-human balance and strength, is going to pay out $57 million to settle a class action lawsuit filed by buyers of the product, TMZ reported.

The company will then close shop under bankruptcy.

The suit, filed in August in Los Angeles, accused the company of duping customers into believe that could add balance, flexibility and strength without any ACTUAL evidence that the product did anything.

The company made a big splash a few years ago with Drew Brees and other superstars endorsing the product. Turns out there is no such thing as magic.

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  1. leotec

    LOL. i didnt bought a power balance, but i have some friends that continous having one 🙂 and they put it all the days.

    sorry for my english

  2. Jewels

    But I have seen it with my own eyes. I held it in my hand and could do things that I could not normally do, such as hold my arms out straight and someone pushes on one arm (I toppled over without the bracelet) but then I held it in one hand and tried it again and I was completely balanced!!!!


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