If you are going to see any movie this fall it has to be “Happy Feet Two.” Whether you are a child or an adult you are going to love this movie. It’s cute, it’s fluffy, and it’s rich in pop culture. I almost don’t need to say anything else, but I will out of love for this movie.

Directed by: George Miller
Written by: George Miller, Warren Coleman, Gary Eck and Paul Livingston
Starring: Elijah Wood, Robin Williams and Pink
Rated: PG

“Happy Feet Two” takes place pretty close after the first “Happy Feet.” Mumble (voice by Elijah Wood) and wife Gloria (voice by Pink) have started a family in the singing/dancing society of Emperor Penguins. Their son Erik is having trouble fitting in because he has no special talents yet. He runs away with his friends to another tribe of penguins to try and belong. There’s a lot of singing and dancing and some inspirational speeches from a flying puffin.

But the Penguin world is under attack by global warming. The heat causes a giant iceberg to shift right into their society, blocking them in from food and water. Their only hope is the power of friendship and hip-hop music. There is also a little side story about two krill that break away from their swarm. They gain an existentialist view of their life and decide to make their way up the food chain. It is absolutely hilarious and surprisingly deep. I’m telling you, there is so much for children and adults alike to enjoy.

What surprised me the most was the stellar cast? You have Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Hank Azaria, Robin Williams, and so many more. And they can all sing really well. When the entire ensemble busted out an amazing rendition of “Under Pressure,” I was jumping out of my seat! It was so awesome, everyone in the whole audience was actually cheering and singing along. They were doing that at a few other songs too. My favorite moment was when a bunch of baby penguins were bringing their “sexy back.” Yeah, it was ridiculous and adorable at the same time. You WILL be grooving to every song they throw at you.

I would like to point something out. While director George Miller is known for his “Road Warrior” series, he does a decent kid movie. He was also able to incorporate some badass. There were territorial sea lions and some evil seagulls. If you are a child you won’t notice how dark some of this movie can be. Those are the moments that really make you think about how your own society is run. You reflect on your own strengths and weaknesses. See? I told you it got a bit deep.

The 3D in “Happy Feet Two” is also insanely deep. Every plane and dimension is visibly noticeable and vibrant. Objects actually jump out at you. It was so convincing that children were reaching out to pop bubbles that floated through the screen at one point. Of all the 3D movies I’ve seen, it was never as successfully coordinated as it is in this movie. Well worth the extra money. This 3D was better than “Avatar’s”

I know what you are thinking. “Happy Feet Two” cannot be this good. Well I am telling you it is. It was adorable, engaging, and thought provoking. It has some of the best 3D I’ve seen in years, and the pop songs they chose were just perfect. You can’t go wrong. Go see this movie.

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