In a matter of mere hours, one of the most anticipated games in recent memory; Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be in the hands of gamers everywhere. While some will take on the single player campaign, the vast majority of those players are going to be jumping directly in to taking on their friends in the online game — and you thought this would be easy. Here’s a quick guide for those who are new to the Call of Duty scene, of a few pointers we’ve picked up and vets; share your experience and tips below!

Know your weapons

Think about it like this, a golfer wouldn’t just use a driver for a five foot putt, similarly you shouldn’t be using a gun simply because nearly everyone else is. Take the time, especially in your first few games to try out different weapons and combinations. Check out different factors like aim, recoil, and hell — even how comfortable it feels.  The best Call of Duty players know their weapons and know how to use them. Also, use short bursts of fire with pretty much all of your weapons, it will help you avoid having to reload as much.

Slow down

This could be the most important advice ever — don’t be that guy. Don’t be the guy who runs around in a game and starts unloading clips at everything that moves only to be gunned down frequently and end up at the bottom of every score board.  SLOW DOWN. By taking your time, and peeking around corners, you’re avoiding becoming kill fodder for other players. See a guy streaking across a field? Give it a second, odds are you’re not the only one targeting him. Of course, you can’t just move slowly the entire game (and please, don’t camp), but there’s a big difference between being lethargic and being methodical.

Learn the maps

This one sort of goes along with the previous tip, but know your maps. You know that great spot you’re hiding in? Odds are you’re probably about to get sniped. It’s highly important to know the ins and outs of the maps in any shooter, but especially Call of Duty. Where are the spawn points? Where’s the ammo? Where does everyone run to? By being able to predict your opponent’s moves you give yourself a decided advantage in any game.


If you can get past the plethora of nine year olds screaming swears at you and the guy calling you racist slurs every five minutes, communicating with your time is vital. Someone on your team getting trailed? Let them know, strategize.

Choose your rewards wisely

In Call Of Duty you’ll be able to pick your own perks which are basically rewards you can unlock for performing different tasks, and while jumping in to the most powerful sounding one sounds like the best idea ever, take a step back and think about it. Yes, that powerful killstreak sounds awesome, but look what you have to do to get it. You’re just starting out, and you’ve been shot down 14 times in your last three matches, do you really think you’re going to suddenly get 12 straight kills to unlock it? Pick something that while it might not be as powerful, you’ll be able to reach whatever goal you need to obtain it, then change it when you’re getting better.

Expect the Unexpected

Look at that video from Black Ops; you think that guy expected to die like that? Nope, but the internet is filled with funny kills from each Call of Duty game. You’re going to die, and not only that, you’re going to die in a ton of hilarious ways. We’re talking ways that defy both logic and physics at the same time.  Your best bet, just deal with it; laugh about it.

The same advice, to just deal with it, can be taken throughout much of the multiplayer suite — and that’s what makes it so fun.
Perhaps the most important rule is to have fun. Call of Duty vets — what tips do you have for new players?

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