Okay, we get it, you’re excited for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3; but this is a little excessive. Someone on eBay just payed over a grand for an Xbox 360 copy of the game; $1,725 to be exact. Here’s the kicker, the game comes out in 4 days and the listings says that it should take 3-4 business days to arrive, meaning that whoever shelled out the cash should be getting it Monday morning. Maybe.

The copy is likely one of the many sold early at K-mart stores nationwide. It seems the boxes containing the much anticipated shooter were not marked with a street date, and were rushed to the sales floor. Don’t get any ideas, once the company found out (after selling more than a fair amount), K-mart pulled the copies off shelves until Tuesday morning.

It’s not like those getting the game early will get a jump start on multiplayer, Activision has commented that playing the game early could get you banned from Xbox Live. So good luck.

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  1. Dane

    Call of Duty fan base…That’s the joke.
    If they are stupid enough to buy the same game year after year then doing something like this is not much worse if you are wealthy and can afford it.


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