To say that Never Shout Never has made a few changes is an understatement.

Cristofer Drew, the lead vocalist, grew tired of his one man act and expanded Never Shout Never into a full band consisting of some of his longtime friends.

The new members include Caleb Denison who plays guitar, drums, and percussion. There is Taylor Macfee on the bass and Hayden Kasier on the guitar and along with percussion.

Kaiser describes the transition this band is undergoing as a “re-birth.”

This band not only grew in number, but matured in sound. After recording and producing their first album, Time Travel hit the shelves and internet in mid-September. If you’ve been a fan of Never Shout Never from the beginning you can agree that it is a completely different sound.

“This album we definitely wanted to go for a big sound,” said Kaiser.

He described the band’s big sound as going down the path of rock and roll. Kaiser said some of their inspirations were Muse, Queen, and Pink Floyd. However, when it comes to the bigger picture, their sound is something they can’t explain.

“It would be hard to compare our stuff to any other artist,” said Kasier. He feels as if the band fits in their own separate genre.

If there is one thing the band wants their fans to know it would to be just live life freely.

“We don’t give a fuck. We are just playing our music,” said Kasier.

Pick up a copy of their new album Time Travel and experience their new sound.

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