The social networks were still buzzing about how disappointing it was to hear Apple announce the iPhone 4S instead of a 4G-compatible iPhone 5. But, very quietly, 1 million people have purchased the iPhone 4S in one day, shattering the iPhone 4’s sales record.

Still not sold? Here are five reasons why you should buy an iPhone 4S.

1. Processor

The iPhone 4S runs a dual core A5 processor, while the original iPhone 4 only runs a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8. Apple says the iPhone 4S is twice as fast as the iPhone 4 and runs graphics seven times faster.

2. Camera

The iPhone 4S finally has a real camera that can shoot at 8 mega pixels and record video at 1080P. That’s as good as your actual digital camera, odds are. If you’re a shutterbug, always pulling your camera/camera phone out, this will be a real treat.

3. Storage

The iPhone 4S offers at 64GB model for the first time. The main benefit here is shooting HD video and downloading movies. The 64GB offering helps.

4. Better gaming

If you are a mobile gamer, the iPhone 4S is the best thing yet. The phone features an amazing boost in graphic processing power, while the dual core opens the door for deeper, more interactive games.

5. Home button

OK this might not be a glowing positive, but if you’ve had an iPhone 4 for a while, the odds are your home button is starting to go. I have to hit mine a few times to get it to work, and forget about double-clicking to view the open apps. That, right there, makes me want to upgrade.

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