A while back I joked that I was so eager for a new Half Life that I would take “Gordon Freeman’s Kart Racing Spectacular.” Turns out someone was listening.

Sega announced that Gordon Freeman will appear as a bonus character in their top down vehicle shooter Renegade Ops.Players will be able to take control of the Half Life 2 buggy to “unleashes the Ant Lions to aid the Renegade Ops as they fight their enemies.”

Rennegade Ops will be available on Steam on October 14.

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  1. Slive

    Ahhh, bastards!!
    You and your misleading titels – and I thought there was a new Half-Life coming up and almost shitted my pants for sheer joy! :-/////
    Geez, they need to do another one for real.
    It’s the most awesome game ever!
    The only thing that sucks is that STEAM needs you to be online all the time which is why I don’t use it that often, but alright – for a new Half-Life I would! ;P
    I even have some credit let on it since I charged up the Wallet with a 50 Euro paysafecard for that introduction promotion a while back and never bought anything, lol


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