I’ve had a plethora of cases for my iPhone 4. Along with snap-on cases, I have also owned slide-on cases, silicone cases, and everything in-between. With all of these cases, none has been as fun as the Gameboy iPhone 4 case from iCovers4U.

Simply put, this case is really cool. Both the original Gameboy and the iPhone are seen as iconic symbols in the world of technology, and bringing those two icons together has never looked so good. The iCovers4U Gameboy case comes in some bold colors; made for the iPhone
that’s looking to stand out in the crowd.

The case is your basic silicone iPhone case. It’s easy to put on and just as easy to remove. The one thing that is different with this case over other silicone cases I have used is that, instead of the usual “sticky” feel,it  has a smooth powdery finish that leaves it not only pleasant to the eyes, but also to the touch. The iCovers4U Gameboy case is great for the nostalgic gamer or even just the iPhone 4 owner that loves to have a conversation piece by their side. I have definitely gotten some double-takes of my phone while having this case on.It’s not all for amusement though, it also provides a lot of shock absorbency against hits and drops.

Blast Factor: iCovers4U has made a case that I literally have no complaints about. If you’re not a fan of silicone, this amazing looking case is most likely not for you. With it being unusually powdery soft to the touch, this case may convert some silicone-case-haters. Most importantly — It looks like a classic Gameboy! Need I say more?

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