Justice Clarence Thomas, the only African American on the United States Supreme Court, became the latest person to be blasted worldwide on Twitter after Troy Davis was executed in Georgia.

Thomas, a Georgia native, denied a petition sent his way to grant Davis a last ditch stay of execution. He was silent, giving no other explanation other than to say the petition was denied.

The Tweets came immediately, faster than the approximately 15 minutes it took Davis to die shortly after the court denied the petition:

@TheStereoEffect: “Justice” Clarence Thomas (what a joke of a title), you could have done ONE thing good with your miserable, pathetic life. And you didn’t.

@LUCINDAMOORE1: Judge Clarence Thomas denied an innocent man his life! I pray Judge Thomas dont suffer in the next year and be reminded of 2nite! #hardheart

Kimora Lee Simmons also Tweeted that Thomas had denied the petition.

@JoeMande: Clarence Thomas doing Georgia proud once again.

@DawudWalid: Clarence Thomas is just like the black overseers that would whip felllow slaves for their masters.

Dawud also knocked President Barack Obama: Obama was talking that ying yang at UN today & couldn’t say 1 word about #TroyDavis. That’s why I’ve always said that he’s WACK!

@willie_8 Yes, Clarence Thomas III is from Georgia, and also a person of color. But he hasn’t been black in 50 yrs.

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  1. Syid Justice

    Let’s be honest , Clarence has been black people’s worst enemy since getting on the court. Every decision he’s made has been to the detriment to the African American community. Conservatives will say he has a right to his own opinion and it’s a tribute to America’s diversity but it’s still just a coon betraying his own in order to fit into the mainstream. He’s a sellout and an uncle Tom and that is not an opinion just a fact.

  2. Linda D Bryant

    It should not come as a surprise to anyone that “Uncle Thomas” did not step up to the plate and grant Mr. Davis clemency.

    Uncle Thomas never should have been selected as a Supreme Court justice in the first place.
    He was chosen specifically to do the damage that he is doing. It is a shame that his job will last a life-time and the results will remain negative and on the books forever.

    If any prisoner deserved to be granted clemency by the Supremes–it was TROY DAVIS!!!!!!

  3. See Clearly

    Clarence Thomas, I know you are at least 65 years old it is time to retire and give a young person your job they need employment due to the economy and for many congress people they should be a time period of service.

  4. Sandy Shevack

    Justice Clarence Thomas has been a champion of his self interest and that of the ruling class. He has a colonized, slave mentality which is beyond repair. President Obama has neither the courage or committment of Malcom X or Martin Luther King. After his silence on the pending execution of Troy Davis, he should return his Nobel Peace Prize.

  5. Twyla Lorraine

    Leave President Obama out of this mess.
    I checked and he has no say on this kind of decision.
    As far as speaking out on this matter I don’t know if it was the right thing to do at this time.
    He will address this in his memoirs.
    Let’s face this as we see it that his term in office is filled with land mines.
    The public and the Congress would have been all over him for not being
    the type of President that backs the Supreme Court.
    After all, he appointed two Justices in his first term.
    Let’s us see how this rolls out.
    Remember! There is a GOD!

    • Sandy Shevack

      Sorry, but I will not “leave President Obama out of this mess”. I feel he should have joined his fellow Nobel Peace Prize laureates and human rights organizations around the global in calling for a halt in the execution of Troy Davis. There comes a time when doing what is right is the only action to take. President Obama’s silence was a failure of moral leadership.


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