A toxicology report yields no conclusions in the odd death of a Boston College student in March.  The report found no narcotics in the body of Alexander Grant, who was found dead in Putnam Brook after visiting his friends at Skidmore College.

“The Grant family has made a public statement in which it is indicated that no narcotic drugs were found in Alex’s system.  We can verify the accuracy of the Grant family statement regarding the absence of any narcotic drugs in the autopsy report, however since the investigation is continuing we will not comment at this time regarding any other results,” said the Saratoga Police Department.

Grant was found in the brook after a three-day search last March.  Surveillance video from a medical office building near the brook shows Grant breaking into the building in the early morning of March 6.  Grant was shown wearing only a T-shirt, boxer shorts and a sock, and seemed very disoriented.  He injured himself during the break in, according to the Saratogian. The last time Grant was seen alive was March 5, at a friend’s party at Skidmore College.

Authorities were counting on the Toxicology report to help decipher Grant’s odd behavior, but it did not answer any questions.

Grant’s family released a statement thanking the Saratoga police for their help and support and asking those who know about Grant’s death to come forward.

“We view it as our solemn responsibility to do everything in our power to better understand this tragedy, and will continue our labors in this regard for as long as it takes to obtain the answers to which we are entitled,” said the statement.

The case is still under investigation.

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