Harmonix has a knack for making music game. The Massachusetts based studio is the driving force behind the plastic instrument trend that swept the world a few years ago, creating the Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Dance Central franchises. But before all that, the studio was behind EyeToy: Antigrav, a motion controlled game for Sony’s PS2 Eye Toy, and now it seems that the studio is looking to get back into the non-rhyhtmic ring.

“I think we’re always open-minded about new opportunities,” Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos told Joystiq in an interview at the Tokyo Game Show. “Certainly our focus always has been and probably always will be on music-themed games,” he added, but his company’s involvement with Dance Central has rekindled the studio’s interest in other types of motion-based gaming. “A perfect example is the Kinect, which I think that through our work on Dance Central we’ve developed an affinity for — towards motion gaming.”

The studio has quite the track record when it comes to motion games, creating not only the early EyeToy favorite, but Dance Central, widely regarded as the Kinect game. The studio’s next release will be Dance Central 2.

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