Users who subscribed to the NFL Sunday Ticket service, which costs over $300 per season have reported a slew of technical problems including terrible feeds and picture quality that are preventing them from watching games on the first week of this NFL season.

Gaming website followed up with DirectTV, the provider of the service, who said that the problem is wide spread, and that their engineers were working to fix the problem. The reps also said that an update will be coming to fix a good majority of the issues with the service.

Anyone on Blast using the service and having issues?

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  1. PS3User

    I paid the $339 and ordered this service. I was appalled and frustrated by the horrible user experience in Week 1 of the NFL season. The games were unwatchable either due to “video not available” error messages or stuttering so bad it reminded me of the real player days. Not to mention the games were in worse than standard definition. Really disappointed in this joint offering by Sony and DirecTV and if it continues being this horrible next week, I will definitely be asking for a complete refund.

  2. tina

    Was unwatchable. Wasted a Sunday afternoon. Called DirecTV and only got excuses. I will not be billed $339 for this.

  3. Lucas Shaffer

    I couldn’t watch the Steelers game but that might have been a good thing. I hope they fix it I thought it was just me but I will call them about getting some kind of reimbursement.

  4. GoBoltz

    Awful. Same experience as above users: unwatchable on the PS3. Hope they can make this service at least useable.

  5. BillinGA

    Actually it was only the first games that were screwed up. The second games were perfect. I read someone commenting on the complaints about the first games who said that every year since Direct offered games over the internet that the first games of the first week have NEVER worked, but after that they were fine. And sure enough, after the second series of games started, it was perfect.

  6. Tony

    The morning games were not watchable (that was very obvious) BUT the afternoon games were actually very clear and smooth. Was today irritating: yes… but I am hoping it’s just growing pains. This is the first year the NFL Sunday Ticket is offered on the PS3 and I am expecting it to only get better.

    I think some people are over reacting by cancelling this early but I do agree a refund is needed as this service is not cheap.

    I am STILL a PS3 NFL Sunday Ticket customer.

  7. Bill

    Went to watch the 4pm games on my PS3 and they were working—- however the picture was poor and was NOT in HD.

  8. Mikey

    The late games did not work well either. I tried to watch some of the 4pm games and the video was jerky and kept freezing. It was an improvement over the early games since the early games only showed a “video not available” message.

  9. Sea3Hawker

    I just purchased the Sunday Ticker package on Friday – they had a mid-season “deal” for $149. As of today, the first time I’m trying to watch the games, I’m getting the “video not available” message that seems to be quite common.

    We’re not in week 9-10 of the season. Has any one got to watch games consistently? Does calling DirectTV ever help?


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