Right now, Steam, Valve’s online gaming and matchmaking service is only available on PC, Mac and PS3, but the service’s online support forums feature a spot for Xbox Support, sparking rumors that the service could soon be unveiled for Microsoft’s console.

Valve has been very open about the fact that they’d love to see the service on the console, in fact Valve’s Erik Johnson told website Computer and Video Games that “We think customers would like Steam on Xbox 360. We think, anyway. We’d love to try that.” the company has also been very open about the fact that it’s not up to them as to when or if the the service hits the console, as much of the content (patches, mods) conflict with a number of Xbox Live’s policies.

It’s important to note that though the Steam service is currently unavailable on Xbox, a number of Valve’s games are, and the listing is more than likely due to that fact.


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