Nintendo has reportedly run into a few unforeseen issues with the development of its new Wii U console — big issues.

French website, which first broke word on the 3DS redesign reports that the Wii U’s hardware isn’t as powerful as Nintendo originally thought, and third party developers are having to use tethers to ensure reliable communications between the console and its wireless touch screen controller. Even then, the service hasn’t been working 100% of the time, forcing Nintendo to halt production until it can produce patches.

The same website reports that the development issues have resulted in the console being way behind schedule and as a result, has pushed the launch window back from June 2012 to September of the same year.

While there’s no way to prove this, and Nintendo hasn’t and probably won’t return our calls for verification, it could mean more problems for the publisher, who recently ran into an issue with its underperforming 3DS handheld.

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