Look, I normally wait to pass judgement on things until I see them with my own eyes or touch them with my own hands, but these first shots of the highly rumored new add on that gives the 3DS a second thumbpad? Yeah, they’re pretty ugly.

Spotted in Famitsu, the3DS Kakuchou Slide Pad” or “3DS Expansion Slide Pad” acts as a cradle for the 3DS, and adds a second thumbstick as well as a rumored (but not pictured) R1, R2 and L1 and L2 buttons. The slide pad is rumored to be a stop gap for early adopters, who most likely won’t buy the newly remodeled 3DS, when it’s rumored to be unveiled at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Blast will be at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, stick with us for all of the late breaking news and updates straight from the show floor.

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