Hurricane Irene is going down as one of the most destructive storms to hit the East Coast in decades, according to Accu Weather, and is still going strong up the East Coast.

“Irene remains on a path that will take the hurricane along the mid-Atlantic coastline tonight and very close to the New York City Sunday, posing impact and danger to millions of people,” Accu Weather said in a statement.  It could be a “once-in-50-year” hurricane for the North East.

The storm is expected to hit New York City as a hurricane and then weaken into a tropical storm.

“Numerous road, rail and runway closures are expected as Irene barrels north, underlying the urgency for residents to evacuate immediately,” stated Meteorologist Bill Deger.

Power outages, flying debris, broken glass and the likes are expected from Irene, particularly from the skyscrapers in New York City.

Flooding is expected not only in Irene’s path, but west of it also.

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