“Grey’s Anatomy” star Sarah Drew (“April Kepner”) is pregnant for the first time and she decided to share her story and some womanly details with Celebrity Baby Scoop as a guest blogger recently.

“My pregnancy has been an interesting ride so far. I was warned about the sickness, exhaustion, sore breasts, and need for sleep. What I wasn’t warned about was the sadness. Because of my nausea and fatigue, I found myself saying “no” to almost every social invitation I received. I hibernated in my house, feeling lonely and frustrated that I didn’t feel more like myself. I am an extremely social person. One of my favorite things to do is throw big parties at my house, or hang out with friends. All of those qualities left me during my first trimester. I would hang out with a few good friends and was forced to leave after an hour because I became so tired. I threw a B-B-Q for my husband and found myself crying in the bathroom about two hours in from sheer exhaustion.”

Read the whole story here.

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