Patti Stanger failed again.  One of the famous matchmaker’s millionaires dumped his pregnant girlfriend just four months after the birth of their son, after the pair met on Stanger’s show “The Millionaire Matchmaker.”

Access Hollywood reporter Laura Saltman thought the Millionaire was the right one for her, but as soon as she got pregnant he was in and out of her life, according to popbytes.com.

“We dated about four months before I found out I was pregnant,” Saltman told Popbytes. “He was in and out of my life during my pregnancy, choosing not to tell anyone about our son until after he was born. I felt like a teen mom at 39 years old.”

The pair got back together immediately after their son was born, but the Millionaire disappeared shortly after when Saltman learned he had been in contact with his former fiancée.

Now, Saltman is left battling with her ex over child support and custody, all while raising a newborn.

“I’m a working mom, shouldering 90 percent of the financial responsibility,” Saltman tells me. “He’s paying virtually nothing, yet he acts like it’s going to bankrupt him. I don’t think a guy who paid that much to get dates is hurting for money.”

Stanger charges a hefty sum, which Saltman believes to be more than $20,000. to join her club.

Stanger told Saltman to get a lawyer immediately, and then proceeded to scold her for not using birth control, in true Stanger style.

“She told me to get a lawyer pronto and of course, being Patti, yelled at me for not using birth control. At least I followed her rule about being in a monogamous relationship. But her screening process leaves a lot to be desired,” said Saltman.

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