Hip fashion favorite Urban Outfitters has been sued by the parents of a 15-year-old model for allegedly using photos of the girl on t-shirts without permission.

The photos in question show the underage girl in a sexually suggestive pose on a motorcycle.  The girl’s parents filed the $28 million lawsuit against both the clothing store and photographer Jason Lee Parry in Manhattan Federal Court under claims that the photos were taken without permission last year.

The photo shoot allegedly features the model “posed in a blatantly salacious manner with her legs spread without a bra, revealing portions of her breasts.”  The lawsuit also claims that the girl is shown engaging in illegal activities such as drinking beer and riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

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  1. Team Parry

    August 20. 2011

    For Immediate Release:

    In regards to the recent lawsuit against Jason Lee Parry and Urban Outfitters.

    While the outcome of the Jason Lee Parry’s lawsuit will ultimately be determined in court, I would like to address the undeniable facts about these absurd allegations.
    -The model’s father was present for a majority of the shoot. He was shown photos while on set and sanctioned them long before they were published.
    -Ford modeling agency assigned the model for Jason Lee Parry’s shoot. Ford approved the fashion story featured in Qvest magazine to be published. The photo in question was featured in the model’s portfolio on Ford’s site. All correspondence is documented in emails approving the shoot.
    – A total of seven people were on set during the entire duration of the shoot, including three female stylists, and a female videographer. The upmost care was given to ensure the model was provided privacy while changing wardrobes and that absolutely no nudity of any kind was visible.
    -There was absolutely no breasts or genitalia visible in the image in question. There is less skin observable in the image than could be seen in any contemporary bathing suit photo.
    – Unbeknownst to Jason Lee Parry the image in question was selected by the t-shirt brand. He was also unaware of retail distribution of the t-shirt.
    -After the photos were released the model proudly posted the images in question to her personal site.
    Jason Lee Parry’s creative vision for the fashion photos in question is about a rebellious teenage girl hanging out at her father’s motorcycle shop. The story captures the American working class, motorcycle culture, and highlights the designer clothing featured on the model. The model is perched on the back of a vintage motorcycle. She is sitting in a position she determined would be comfortable and relevant to the photo. She is seated in relaxed casual manner, a tough motorcycle mechanic’s daughter. It is not to be perceived in any way as overtly sexual.
    Jason Lee Parry is professional photographer in every aspect of his work. His edgy contemporary photography captivates the culture he photographs and defines his generation. His photography has been featured in countless international publications and online sources. Fans, friends, and family of Jason Lee Parry’s high fashion photography eagerly await closure of these defaming allegations and lawsuit.


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