Daniel Radcliffe takes on a horror movie as his first role after “Harry Potter,” and the trailer has finally been released.

“The Woman in Black” is based on a 1983 novel by Susan Hill that follows Arthur Kipps (played by Radcliffe), a young lawyer assigned to sort out a dead client’s affairs.  On his journey, Kipps discovers that a nearby town is haunted by the ghost of a scorned woman.

MTV news offers a pretty thorough (and humorous) analysis of the trailer, which is pretty typical for any horror movie.  It features creepy dolls, dreary weather and bloody writing (which is slightly reminiscent of the writing on Hogwarts’ walls in “The Chamber of Secrets”).

Radcliffe explained that he took on a new project so quickly after the decade long Potter endeavor so he didn’t fall off the map.

“If I had been taking some time off and not doing stuff, I think the temptation in terms of the media and the public, to a certain extent, is [that] if you don’t hear from a child star for a while, you can kind of condemn them to the been-and-gone pile,” Radcliffe said to MTV news last spring. “I wanted to make sure that didn’t happen.”

View the trailer here:

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