Rapper The Game caused a clog-up at the Compton, Ca sheriff’s department when he tweeted their phone number and told his followers to call for an internship with the rapper.  He may now be in legal trouble.

The phone calls began around 5:20 p.m..  Although most callers hung up when they heard it was a sheriff’s station, others inquired about The Game’s internship offer.  The volume of calls caused delays in emergency services to legitimate calls.

The sheriff’s office eventually figured out what happened and responded to The Game’s tweet asking him to stop the calls.  The calls ended around 8 p.m.

The deputies talked to the District Attorney’s office with intentions of possibly filing charges including delaying or obstructing an officer in the performance of his duty.

The Game is releasing a new album soon, so this stunt could hurt promotion of the album.  Or maybe help it.  Maybe it was a big publicity stunt!

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