Classic cult horror film “The Thing” is coming back to life October 14 in a prequel.

Actress Kim Bubbs, a Canada-native, stars as Juliette, a lonely French geologist stationed at a Norwegian base that will soon be inhabited by the alien life form that halts research in a prequel of John Carpenter’s 1982 production.

The new film, directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., features Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Joel Edgerton, and Ulrich Thomsen.

“Mary is an amazing person to work with. Everybody on set was absolutely lovely,” Bubbs said. “It felt like being at camp. We all got along really well.”

An actress since childhood, Bubbs tends to play stronger female roles, but switches up her pace with the more reserved and fearful Juliette, an additional female character that wasn’t present in the original film production. Bubbs describes the character to be very cerebral, likeable and sweet.

Van Heijningen Jr. deviated from the original production by adding female characters such as Bubbs’ Juliette and Winstead’s Kate.

“The producer wanted to really respect the original so a lot of attention was paid to the details of the original production,” Bubbs added. “You have to take into account the piece that came before it. It’s a cult classic and the original has a large fan base so there are a lot of expectations.”

Bubbs describes the Norwegian production as a totally different experience in comparison to her previous work.

“It was great to have that foreign element to it,” she said. “But all Norwegians speak English.

“It was totally different and the really cool part about it was the combination of puppetry and special effects.”

Bubbs says fans will not be disappointed with this prequel. She philosophizes, as normal human beings, we are almost always critical of our own work; however, Bubbs predicts the film will do phenomenally among the die-hard fan base.

Bubbs does reveal one aspect of the film that’s not made public to viewers. The Antarctic weather depicted in the film actually takes place during the spring and summer seasons of Toronto, Canada.

“We were all wearing snow suits and dressed for cold weather,” she continued. “We had to wear cold packs so we wouldn’t pass out.”

Fans should also stay tuned for Bubbs’ next film On The Road, an exciting project based on Jack Kerouac’s original novel, that features an all-star cast of Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley, Kristen Stewart, Kirsten Dunst, and Viggo Mortensen.

“It’s a total departure,” Bubbs described. “It’s got a bohemian vibe.” Bubbs plays Laura, a woman from New York.

The actress does have various film productions lined up for the future, but was not at liberty to discuss their details; however, she did describe what she does have in mind next.

She said, “I’d like to do a kind of smart comedy or a period piece.” Variety in her current work is key for Bubbs as she continues, “What I love about it is it’s not strictly horror, but there are psychological elements.”

Variety and new challenges are Bubbs’ favorite things about her acting career.

“It’s never the same thing and you learn about different types of people,” she described. “It’s always something to learn and grow with.”

The only thing she said she has a love-hate relationship with is the scheduling. She said sometimes her itineraries are crazy, but there’s an exciting factor to its spontaneity.

In her spare time, Bubbs dabbles with writing in addition to acting, but she retains directing as one of her long-term goals.

For more information on Bubbs follow her feed on Twitter and brace yourself for the release of “The Thing” in October.

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