The question is less of a “HTML5 conquer Flash?” and more of a “WHEN will HTML5 take over?”

A preview version of the Adobe Edge development tool was released yesterday by Adobe Systems, and it promises to help web developers create animation and other such things on the Internet without Flash.

Edge, which can be downloaded from the Adobe Labs site, is ready and available for developers now. This is a way to let you know that that the company is attempting to move away from Flash, and is focusing its efforts on HTML5, which can create some of the same effects, but without the plug-in.

Edge is actually in the early stages of development, much earlier than the beta stage, because HTML5 is evolving and it supports the browsers that are up and running now.

Doing this will allow Adobe to address any issues that may arise from developers testing the new features of HTML5 and deal with it not rather than later.

Edge will also be focused on the mobile Web, such as Apple, Android and Blackbery OS systems, but not to worry as the tools will also work well with traditional desktop browsers that support HTML5 which would be Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.

Edge utilizes the same language that longtime Flash programmers are accustomed to, which promises a familiar transition. It uses the timeline development metaphor that will be familiar to longtime Flash programmers.

As of now no word on what this will cost or when this will be released, but Adobe seems determined that HTML5 will take over for Flash.

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