Today’s Vermont Cheesemakers’ Festival may be sold out, but cheese lovers everywhere can taste the festival’s star cheeses with the Best of the Fest sample package delivered to their doors.

Choose a four ($49) or six ($69) cheese sampler put together by Cheese Traders & Wine Sellers, featuring a varied selection of 4 to 8 ounce cheeses that will include at least one cow, goat and sheep milk cheese, at least one smoked or blue cheese, and, of course, Vermont’s famous aged cheddar.

“Every year, the festival sells out,” said Rachel Schaal, the festival’s event organizer. “The Best of the Fest is a way to expand the experience of the festival beyond just the one day, and a way for people to participate in the celebration of Vermont cheesemakers from their own homes.”

To order a Best of the Fest sampler, go here, and choose a one-time order or a monthly subscription (both samplers ship for free). To find out more about the Vermont Cheesemakers’ Festival, go to


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