No decision was reached during a hearing on Wednesday regarding whether Catherine Greig, girlfriend of James “Whitey” Bulger, will be granted bail so she can go stay with her sister, rather than behind bars.

The trial took an interesting turn, however, when the judge allowed family members of Bulger’s victims to speak about the suffering that Greig helped cause them.

“Her 16 years with her lover on the run were 16 years we cried,” said Thomas Donahue, son of victim Michael Donahue, in court today, according to the Boston Globe.

Two other families agreed to testify, and agreed that Greig’s harboring Bulger contributed to their hurt.

Kevin Weeks, former right-hand-man to Bulger, testified that Greig knew little about Bulger’s life of crime, and that he was similar to a Robin Hood figure when Greig came into his life.

“I don’t know what she knew as far as his reputation,” Weeks said of Greig, according to the Boston Globe. “She saw one side of him and others saw another side of him.”

Greig will remain behind bars until the judge reaches a decision.

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