Fans of Marvel VS Capcom 3 were a bit disappointed when the developer announced that no future DLC plans were scheduled for the title only months after it was released. Capcom may be making up for it with news that some sort of reveal is coming for the game at next week’s Comic Con in San Diego.

Capcom will be holding a panel at the event and Ryota Niitsuma is expected to make the annoucement as well as show of the first look at whatever they’re announcing. Though it’s not known exactly what will be revealed, it’s expected to be a Super Marvel VS Capcom title to be due out in 2012.

So yes, this is an announcement that an announcement will be coming. Excited yet?

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  1. Jess

    Yeah let’s see what Capcom does with this because Marvel vs Capcom 3 was just plain fail! Fix this Capcom and do this game justice. This game deserves that much

  2. Barry

    We haven’t seen a fighting game this good in years, and people whine because capcom left out their pet characters. SO what? Enjoy the game for what it is and I for one am looking forward to SMVC3!


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