Google has never been accused of sitting idly by, what with it still being the number 1 search engine across the world, and constantly trying to branch out into other fields that are already dominated by other juggernauts like Skype and Facebook.

On Google’s blog, they have just announced a new social media function called Google+ which is trying to incorporate your online world and real world experience into one.

Google+ is actually several different social media ideas to get you involved with the people in your network, both on and off line.

  • +Cirlcle is a way to connect with a select few people in your social network of friends. Instead of blasting the world you interact with a “circle” of friends with the same likes.
  • +Sparks delivers a feed of highly contagious content from across the Internet. On any topic you want, in over 40 languages. Simply add your interests, and you’ll always have something to watch, read and share—with just the right circle of friends. This sounds like it would be the equivalent of Twitter and Facebook combined.
  • +Hangouts By combining the casual meetup with live multi-person video, Hangouts lets you stop by when you’re free, and spend time with your Circles. Face-to-face-to-face. In other words, this would be the equivalent of Face Time on a phone or Skype.
  • +Mobile has three counterparts such as +location, +instant upload, +huddle. Each of these make your phone a way to connect with your circle online offline, by giving your location where they could join you for fun, by checking out a photo you just took, and by coordinating with a meetup that you’ve planned.

As you can see Google+ is not only stepping into the social media landscape, it is trying to carve out its own niche as well. It is combining several popular medias such as Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and Skype. Why use all four when you can have it all in one place?

Want to get in on the action? Right now it is currently available in the Android Market and will be available at some point in the future on other platforms.

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