Rihanna's bright red 'do makes a statement. (Media Credit/J. Strauss, WireImage)

There’s a hot new look for the hottest season: red hair. Although just two percent of the population are said to be natural redheads, one look at the TV and the latest magazine covers proves that many more want to be!

Some celebrities, such as Rihanna and Paramore’s Haley Williams, are choosing very bright “look at me!” shades of red that add extra oomph to their larger-than-life rock star attitudes. More recently, we’ve also seen “Gossip Girl’s” Blake Lively and aptly-named Scarlett Johansson take on subtler red shades in preparation for upcoming roles. Natural blonde Drew Barrymore also recently went red.

Yahoo.com reports that many of the most recognizable fiery-haired celebrities are not natural redheads, citing Lucille Ball, “Mad Men’s” Christina Hendricks, “Sex and the City’s” Cynthia Nixon, and “Will & Grace’s” Debra Messing; they’ve all been faking it for years, and many of us couldn’t picture them in any other shade. Blast spoke with in-home beautician Arielle Ferguson from Salem, Mass., for tips on how the everyday woman can successfully pull off the trend.

Blake Lively looks sultry and smokin' hot with red hair. (Media Credit/Mazur, WireImage)

First, consider your skin tone. “If you have a golden tone, try a deep auburn red to make you hair really stand out,” says Ferguson.  “An olive complexion works well with a darker shade like a burgundy. If you have a pale skin tone, stay away from bright reds, instead opting for a coppery shade.”

Different hair colors will absorb the red tint differently, so it’s best to ask your stylist how to get your desired look. For instance, naturally lighter hair may turn orange if handled aggressively, and naturally darker shades may first need to be chemically lightened to achieve the right look.

Ferguson advises, “Bring pictures of the color you want to help your stylist get a sense of what you’re looking for in terms of the brightness or intensity of the color.”

If you have to do it at home, start with a semi-permanent shade until you’re sure you’ve gotten it right; red is the hardest color to apply and hardest to remove, celebrity stylist Tracey Cunningham told Yahoo.com. You should also use a shampoo and conditioner formulated to preserve your color and prevent fading. Root touch-ups will likely need to be done every several weeks, but lighter shades may need the entire head recolored every couple of months, Cunningham adds.

Drew Barrymore's dark locks are sophisticated. (Media Credit/David Livingston, WireImage)

So what makeup goes with your new shade and what color clothes should you wear?  “Try earthy colors on your eyes,” says Ferguson. “Or, for a nighttime look, use red lipstick to make your mouth pop and swipe a brown or black liner on your eyes.”

Beauty and fashion advice website Greatest Look suggests avoiding purples or pinks in your wardrobe that can clash with your hair, but it’s a matter of personal preference. If you really love a clashing color, Greatest Look suggests accessorizing in that color or simply wearing it as far away from your face as possible. Green also offsets red in the color wheel, so search for a shade of green that works; the lighter your hair, the lighter the green in your clothing should be. Knowing your color “season” can also point you in the right direction.

But when it comes to red hair, the most important accessory is you! Work your confidence to show off your bold new look, because blondes don’t have all the fun anymore!


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