The Bulger family reacted with uncertainty when they saw him for the first time in court Friday, after sixteen years.

At federal court on Friday, a woman, identified only as Bulger’s first cousin, reacted with feeling to his appearance.

“[It was] emotional, real emotional. I really feel like I need some water,” she said as she walked away, looking ill.

Former president of the Massachusetts senate, William Bulger, refused to comment, referring reporters to his previously issued statement. However, when a reporter told Billy he looked emotional, he replied, “No, well…it’s an unusual experience.”

Bulger and Greig’s relatives exited the courtroom through the front door, and most refused comment.

The two suspects were ushered out the back door and left in a motorcade of six SUVs and police cars.

Bulger’s preliminary lawyer, Peter Krupp, said that the court was determining who Bulger’s lawyers will be and were alerting the mobster of his formal charges.

“The only thing I can tell you about Mr. Bulger is that he looks forward to facing the charges,” Krupp said.

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