In distracting us from the loss of our regular season favorites, summer television in the past has usually been seen as a filler; Mediocre material with a short lifespan. This summer appears to be peeling that label off of its forehead with several great shows pouring in from an array of networks. USA’s Suits is undoubtedly going to be one of the forerunners in this movement.

The show stands on a leg of its own being not exactly a legal drama but not always a comedy either. Its characters fall in the USA “characters welcome” line, housing the personality, confidence, and charm that we suspect from the network and pulling through with an extra air of whit and vulnerability.

Suits follows the newly formed partnership of successful, and rightfully arrogant Harvey Spector (Gabriel Macht) and the genius Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) who accidentally drops himself into Harvey’s office while on the run from the police with a brief case of weed.

What first seems like an unlikely pairing proves to be a hilariously clever meeting of the minds. Harvey and Mike are a duo sent from the banter gods to fill our summers with the perfect combination of arrogance, quick-whit, heart, and bromance.

If there is anything that is equally as awesome as the charming actors Suits can brag, it’s the women who support them. Harvey’s boss Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) is fierce and snappy. She provides the perfect give and take that Harvey needs and is a definite compliment to his snark. Meghan Markle is also no exception to the confidence we already have in this show and its talent. Her character, Rachel Zane, is the well-written, beautiful, smart, give the guys a run for their money, paralegal that every good law firm, and television show should have.

The show takes an initial storyline that may not be entirely realistic and fills it with characters and situations that are surely true to life. We hear Mike call his grandmother “grammy” and discover that the reality of the show doesn’t come from the genius who never went to law school stepping into a thousand dollar suit, but from the attorney who might actually care about people, and his junior associate who just doesn’t want to let himself or his grandmother down.

We could say that we only hope that Suits will follow through with the promise that the premiere packed but we are, in fact, sure that it will. It is impossible for the characters –their storylines as well as their chemistry- to go anywhere but up.

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Layne Morgan is a Blast correspondent

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  1. d

    it was a great show. i think they can do without all the cussing.. Didn’t add anything to the show..

    • Alexandra

      Disagree, let’s be realistic. Law is a men’s club. Men swear. Therefore, a lack of cussing would be abnormal. It adds reality to the show.

  2. Jennifer Pritchett

    A great review, Layne. Really like the show, and the interaction of the two main characters, also really great music. Great add to the USA line-up, but I’ll have to watch it on the dvr since it airs at the same time as Rookie Blue.

    • Layne

      I agree with the great music comment! Black Keys song came on and I got super excited. Unfortunately, my newfound loyalty to this show is about as great as mine to Rookie Blue. I am going to have to come up with a rotation or something to watch them both live.


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