I’ve always had one nagging pet peeve that always occurs in TV shows and movies. The horrible dubbing for 99.9% of the cars featured. How hard is it now with technology to produce an authentic sound of the actual vehicle being driven?

For example, in one sitcom recently the minivan produced more sound then a GT Mustang with Flowmasters. I don’t know what minivan has a drone of a v8 quite like that nor does the Buick Lacrosse on The Good Wife sound like …..whatever the hell they are using while she is driving around Chicago. I drove that car for a week; it’s like a tomb inside! Let’s not forget the school bus scene in Forrest Gump. The sound was from either a Greyhound or Trailways bus with a V8 Detroit Diesel. THEY NEVER PUT A 568 CUBIC INCH OR 736 CUBIC INCH V8 DETROIT DIESEL IN A SCHOOL BUS.

Let us reference Bullit, 1968 all the footage from this movie is constantly used for other movies which is great if it is actually matched what was going on. Or in 1971, Vanishing Point with a 1970 Dodge Challenger. Badass movies, badass cars, badass authentic sound produced from the actual cars.

Why in 2011 is not possible to consistently dub with the correct sound? Doesn’t someone have that specific job to collect sounds of certain things such as cars?

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