At this year’s E3, we got a lot of new information on Sony’s new handheld, The PS Vita. One thing we didn’t get though was the system’s release date, which we could know now thanks to a UK retailer.

The website is currently taking pre-orders for both the WiFi and 3G enabled versions of the Vita, and they’re both tagged with the release date of November 4. Apparently, the retailer says the information is straight from Sony.

Sony has issued a statement regarding the date, but interestingly enough, they’re not denying it specifically. “No one has communicated any release dates to retail partners,” Sony UK told GameSpot UK. “That date is not official as we haven’t announced anything yet.”

Though these dates are placed by retailers all the time as placeholders, this one seems to have some meat to it, and it makes sense, as November is often a time companies choose to release systems, as it allows the device to be on the shelves for the busy Holiday shopping season.

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