Mower Ride is a fun way to tilt your off hours away with your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

The game, released today by Vivid Games is a top-down hybrid racing and combat game, entirely motion controlled.

It is a casual game, in the spirit of a SkiFree, where you don’t need a story or elaborate point system. Just move and try not to die.

You take your turbocharged riding lawnmower through back yards, clipping lines of grass, dodging swimming pools, and trying to take out other mowers before they kill you. All while, you are trying to collect energy icons before you run out of power.

The game scores your personal best depending on how much distance you can cover before you run out of power or get taken out by an enemy.

There’s not much skill involved, and that’s the beauty of Mower Ride. It has nice cartoon graphics, catchy music, and provides just enough entertainment value to make it 99 cents worth spending.

If you get really hooked on racing a lawn mower, you can challenge your friends and spend some more cash to pimp and primp your vehicle.

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